Bluyonda Scarves are created in Geelong and Torquay from
beautiful photographs taken all over the world.

Art Scarf ∆ Scarf Art


100% Silk Scarves

The Silk Story

Confucius and Chinese legend narrate that around 3000BC the 14 year old Empress Leizu, wife of the Yellow Emperor, discovered Silk when a cocoon fell into her tea cup. She then developed the art of raising silk worms (Sericulture) and became known as the Goddess of Silk in Chinese Mythology. Being an exquisite, precious fibre, for many millennia, it was one of the most zealously guarded secrets in history.
Silk is known as the Queen of fabrics: Natural sheen that never diminishes/ Soft, light and luxurious / Cool in Summer – Warm in winter/ Absorbing perspiration yet letting skin breathe/ Promoting skin rejuvenation/ Hypoallergenic/ Eco-Friendly/ Biodegradable/ Easily Washed/ Great tensile strength and durability.

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Bluyonda Silk Scarves

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